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India Virtual Reality Tours

360° virtual reality photos will take you to Forts, Palaces and Exotic Places. Also into simple villages where animals are still being used to draw water from old wells.

How it Works:
Open up one of the VR Photos to start your tour. Use your mouse click and drag the photo in any direction and the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

You will see some hotspots (red dots) (green dots) the red ones will take you to that location, green ones open close-up photos.

Control Bar:
At the bottom of the VR Photo is a control bar with buttons, the buttons will give you more control.
It is recommended that you click on the full screen button, and switch to high quality for the best views.

Pushkar Camel Fair
360° Virtual Reality Tours

Pushkar, Rajasthan.
Explore Pushkar in 360° Virtual Reality where the views almost come alive as you rotate 360° around viewing in any direction, and zooming in for closer details.
Travel around the worlds largest camel fair and through the holy town of Pushkar with its sacred lake and hill top temples.

Horse Dancing Competition.
View the horse-dancing and Camel-dancing competition in which riderless animals danced to lively music, with their owners standing next to them. View the amazing horses interpret the music, and adapt its dance to the changes of rhythm and intensity.

Thousands of Camels.
An interesting part of the Pushkar Fair is the mass trading of camels. Of course, cattle and other livestock are also traded, but it's camels that hold center stage at Pushkar. Camel-traders and villagers from miles away converge to Pushkar with their humped beasts. Over 25,000 camels (on the conservative side) are traded; making this world's largest camel fair.

Pushkar Holy Lake.
Pushkar Lake is a sanctified spot, and considered as old as the creation, and has been a place of pilgrimage for the Hindus since time immemorial. It is surrounded by 52 bathing ghats, where devotees throng in large numbers to take a dip during the month of Kartik (Oct./Nov.)

Fair Grounds.
The fair grounds reverberate with festivity, as rows of make shift stalls display a bewildering array items. The profusion of colors that run riot in the desert sand, the glee and the contagious enthusiasm of the village folk are a unique experience for every visitor. Festive India has a magical flavor and unique romance to it.

Camel Events.
Every year, Pushkar comes alive with joyous festivities, cultural extravaganza at the world's largest camel fair. Camel racing, beauty contests, sells and trading, camel rides, cart rides along with camel games and playfulness make this event truly spectacular. The Pushkar Camel Fair takes place sometime around the months of October and November according to the Gregorian calendar

Holy Temples.
The holy city of Pushkar is also called the city of temples. There are more than 4-hundred temples in Pushkar but the main attraction being the temple of Lord Brahma, the only temple in India dedicated to Brahma. Two temples are located on the hilltops to the east and west of the city which give stunning panorama views of the country side below.

Around Town.
Pushkar is very small and easy to get around by walking, riding on a camel for a nice elevated view or on a camel cart which can be a thrill too. Pushkar is nestling in the Aravalli Range of central Rajasthan, situated at the foot of Nag Pahar (Snake Mountain) which forms a natural border between Ajmer and Pushkar.
Traveling by road Pushkar is 20 mins from Ajmer, 2 ½ hrs from Jaipur, 7 ½ hrs from Delhi.

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