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Touring Forts, Palaces and Exotic Places!
Enjoy as we take you for incredible views to far off and amazing places.

Taj Mahal Tour: Start Tour
Travel through the beautiful Paradise Gardens to the Pool of Celestial Abundance, then all around the Mausoleum and even take a trip down to the river for a view of the Taj Mahal from the back of a camel.

Taj Mahal Zoomify, zoom in of detail viewing:
Taj Mahal main gate to the Paradise Gardens. Open
Taj Mahal view from across the Paradise Gardens. Open

Agra Fort, look around:
Bronze Horse statue outside the Amar Singh gate. Open
Crossing the mote as you enter the forts front gate. Open
Diwan-i-Aam (Hall of Public Audience). Open

Fatehpur Sikri Tour: Start Tour
This beautiful tour starts at a big tank called Sukh Tal outside the southern wall of the palace. Travel through the Buland gate, around the Jami Masjid courtyard and go inside the white marble Sheikh Salim Chishti Tomb. Go inside the holy Mosque, then travel around back for a complete tour around the 21m high elephant tower. (Hiran Minar or Deer Minaret)

Pushkar Tour: Start Tour
Starting with a vast overview from a hilltop temple parched above Pushkar you can drop down and visit the holy lake, check out the world's largest camel fair and even see some places for spending the night.

Bikaner Tour: Start Tour
Starting with a rooftop view from the Junagarh Fort you can drop down and tour it or jump over to see some places around town, like the Bikaner Camel Breeding Center, the Lalgarh Palace, and the Lixmi Miwas Plaace or check out some of the working camels around town.

Jaipur Elephant Tour: Start Tour
Starting at the Amber Fort surrounded by elephants as you head up to the forts or check out the town of Amber (Amer). Travel from one fort to the next along the hilltop ridgeline into Japur where you can and even view where some of the elephants live.

Jaipur City Tour: Start Tour
Starting at the Sun Temple overlooking the city of Jaipur travel back over the hill to see the Monkey Temple, or jump down to the old city below for a fun tour where you can also check out the Kite and Elephant Festivals. You will even see a elephant being painted for the festavle.

Jaipur, look around:
The Hawa Mahal, or the Palace of Winds, with elephants passing by. Open
Weddings procession with elephants and a band leading the way. Open
Amber Fort view from outside a window with elephants and the lake below. Open
Two month old baby elephant, her mother and one being painted. Open
The town of Amer on a rainy day with elephants under a shelter. Open

Jaipur Monkey Temple Tour: Start Tour
The Monkey Temple of Jaipur (Galta) is situated amidst the range of hills east of the city. Visit the temple and Travel above it where there are 3 reservoirs fed by pure spring water falling from an outlet shaped like the mouth of a cow.

Jaisalmer Tour: Start Tour
Starting with a nighttime view from the Jaisalmer Fort you will see fantastic views to the north of the city below. Then travel down to the streets below or jump over to see the Royal Cenotaphs and camels on the sand dunes at sunset.

Jaisalmer, look around:
Patwa Haveli street view. Open
Patwa Haveli, inside one of the rooms. Open
Patwa Haveli, inside another room. Open

Jodhpur Tour: Start Tour
Starting from a hilltop view behind the massive Mehrangarth Fort that sits 400 feet on a cliff above the city. Travel around the fort and view the Blue City from its massive walls and drop down to see the city at night.

Udaipur, look around:
One of the many beautiful rooms inside the Udaipur City Palace. Open
The Mahouts and their elephants resting under some nice shade trees. Open
Between Jaipur and Udaipur you can still find animal drawning water from old wells. Open

Jaipur Sun Temple
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Jaipur Sun Temple