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India Virtual Reality Tours

360° virtual reality photos will take you to Forts, Palaces and Exotic Places. Also into simple villages where animals are still being used to draw water from old wells.

How it Works:
Open up one of the VR Photos to start your tour. Use your mouse click and drag the photo in any direction and the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

You will see some hotspots (red dots) (green dots) the red ones will take you to that location, green ones open close-up photos.

Control Bar:
At the bottom of the VR Photo is a control bar with buttons, the buttons will give you more control.
It is recommended that you click on the full screen button, and switch to high quality for the best views.

360° Virtual Reality Tours

Jaisalmer Rajasthan.
Explore Jaisalmer in 360° Virtual Reality where the views almost come alive as you rotate 360° around viewing in any direction, and even zoom in for closer details.
Here you can travel around this popular tourist destination, featuring many palaces, forts and temples, set in the stark landscape of the Thar desert.

Unlike any other city, this desert fortress is one of Rajasthan's most exotic and unusual towns. Jaisalmer, an important ancient trading centre because of its strategic location on the camel trade routes, is often described as the 'golden city'. The havelis, built by merchants of the 19th century, are exquisitely carved from golden-yellow sandstone and are still in a beautiful condition.

Patwa Havelis.
The five Patwa havelis were the first ones to crop up in Jaisalmer and are known locally as the Patwon-ki-haveli. The first was constructed circa 1805 by a merchant called Guman Chand Patwa and is the biggest and the most pretentious. Patwa was a man of significant means, and for his five sons he built the elaborate five-storeyed complex which reportedly took 50 years to finish.

The Royal Cenotaphs.
A chattri is a canopied structure marking the site where a nobleman or king was cremated. They vary enormously in scale and degree of ostentation and often have a memorial plaque inside detailing the great achievements of the deceased. The group of chattris shown here are on a hill a few kilometers outside Jaisalmer.

The Sam Dunes.
The Sam sand dunes are 42 km from Jaisalmer, here you can hop on to a camel for an hour around sunset and then get back to your comfortable hotel or else find a fancy tent to stay in for night. Or you can ride for days with only a camel driver for company and the most basic provisions. The best option for reasonably hardy travelers is a 2-day safari with one night spent under the immense canopy of the desert sky.

Jaisalmer Desert Festival.
Camels are not just beasts of burden but an integral part of the desert life and the camel events confirm this fact. Special efforts go into dressing the animal for entering the spectacular competition of the best-dressed camel.
The desert festival is also a musical extravaganza where musicians and the renowned artists participate. Along with this, a number of competitions are held in the festival like the turban tying competition, longest moustaches competition, etc. The camels take part in a number of events, including camel polo and camel dance. Not only the Jaisalmer fort but the whole Jaisalmer city brims with excitement during the Desert Festival.

Getting There.
One can reach Jodhpur from any of the major cities by air and from Jodhpur one can go to the venue of the desert festival by taking any of the road transport options that are easily available there. Jodhpur is the nearest big city to Jaisalmer, which is well connected to the venue of the Desert Festival. It is also well connected by train and buses.

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