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The main shopping area lies around Kote Gate (King Edward Memorial Road) and Junagarh Fort which has interesting bazaars. Bikaner has attained popularity for items stitched out of camel hide which includes belts, wallets, bags, and jutties (footwear) etc. Also check out the Khadi Emporium at Mahatma Gandhi Road for local blankets, rugs, carpets, wood carvings and lacquer work. Camel and sheep wool woven carpets and woolen items can also be purchased from here. Leather products, handicraft items, miniature paintings, bangles, jewellery and traditional Bikanari Bhujia and sweets are some of the major shopping items. Government Khadi Emporium, Rani Bazzar, Station Road and bazzars near the Kote Gate and Junagarh Fort are some of the main shopping places.
Kote Gate